The Montcalm Area Reading Council, through dedicated volunteers, community partners and resources, provides free literacy education to benefit the greater Montcalm area. MARC ensures all people have the opportunity to learn to read, write, and speak in English, compute and solve problems proficiently to achieve one’s goals, develop one’s knowledge, and reach one’s full potential.

Volunteer Tutors are trained by MARC. They meet one-on-one with students in a mutually agreed upon public place-often the library-and work together to increase reading skills, or to learn English as a second language. They work at a pace the student can handle, aiming for the goals they have set. There is no cost to the student.

Students are of all ages, and varying grade levels. Applying for work, learning to read to a child, or improving reading comprehension for work or college can be a reason to get started. We are here to help begin this process.

Tutors are of all ages, some are college students, some are retirees. All of our tutors are readers who want to share the gift of reading with others. They have taken MARC tutor training to understand how best to share the joy of reading, writing, and learning with others.

Our community partners make this program possible by providing funding for student materials and tutor training. MARC is entirely funded by the generous people of the greater Montcalm County Area. We thank everyone involved in this important need for our county.

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