My Whole Life is Better

The following story was submitted by a MARC student who would like to remain anonymous.

When I came to MARC I felt embarrassed about how I couldn’t read and write. I knew a little but not enough and my job was making me take on more work. My tutor helped me with reading. We used some books and some paperwork from my job. We made a word list. My first list had 20 words but now I have over 300. My handwriting still isn’t very good but I can write and spell better. Actually my whole life is better now. I don’t feel nervous about going to a new place. My job is ok. If I didn’t meet my tutor I think I would have lost my job. I’m glad I came to MARC. I know most people learn these things when they are kids but I didn’t. Thanks for giving me another chance. I hope you go another 35 years so you can help more people.

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