Volunteer Does It All

In 1987, Maxine Christophersen heard about the Montcalm Area Reading Council. Her son had just had a car accident and needed help to relearn many things, so Maxine signed up for tutor training and made a choice to help her son and others improve their reading skills. Little did she know she would spend 26 years volunteering for MARC.

When Maxine started as a tutor, MARC was only in the 2nd year of operation. Over the years, she worked with many students as a tutor. She enjoyed working with learners of all ages and saw firsthand the time and energy required by students to learn to read.

“Some of my really blessed experiences were when I was able to help a student with a form of dyslexia. I also helped a student get a driver’s license and helped a senior citizen, who had great success in getting to vote for the first time all by himself! I know when a student has the desire to learn and is encouraged by the tutor, they succeed! I’ve been very proud of those students!”

Maxine also helped in the MARC office and assisted with various projects. Her husband Gilbert was also a MARC volunteer. Together they logged thousands of hours of service. Maxine was named Contributor of the Year in 1991, and again in 2006. She enjoyed the many friends and coworkers she met through MARC. While she no longer volunteers with MARC, Maxine continues to show her support as a donor.

“I am very proud of the work MARC has done and will do in the future!”

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